1. sgnaughtyhappy:

    Damn hot!

    Sebastian, what are you doing?

    Caution: Sebastian Spam aheah!

  2. ilovernb1:

    Kelly Rowland - Motivation (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne (by kellyrowlandVEVO)

    The sexy, beautiful & talented Kelly Rowland in her latest video :-)

  3. ohyesjon:

    Kelly Rowland ft. Andre Merr - Hangover

  4. freshnation:

    “MUHFUCKA we rollin wit some light skin girls and some Kelly Rowlands”

    (via freshnation-deactivated20101229)

  5. slimdior:

    what can i say? im in love with her.. she so fine jeez

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  7. siscy:

    Kelly Rowland promo shoot

  8. victorieuxv:

    we rollin’ with some light skinned girls and some Kelly Rowland’s

  9. tomfoolery89:

    One of those dance songs that works brilliantly as an acoustic number (see: Robyn - with every heartbeat and DJ Sammy’s Heaven) despite excelling as a full-on danceathon. Rowland makes sure yet again that ‘Yonce doesn’t steal all the post-DC limelight.